segunda-feira, 7 de junho de 2010

Chali2na(of jurassic five)-Fish Market

1. Fintro (Produced By:dj dez andres)
2. FM2 Theme feat. DJ Dez Andres (Produced By: DJ Dez Andres)

3. Greezy feat. Jack Spade, Akil (of Jurassic 5), Laid Law, DJ Dez Andres
4. 2na Interview (Interlude) (Produced By: DJ Dez Andres; Chali 2na)
5. Tanya Stephens feat. Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) - 'No Bad Mon' (Produced By: Nando)
6. Chicken O The Sea Messages (Interlude) feat. Sha Born, Shockwave, Street Cred (Produced By: DJ Dez Andres; Chali 2na)
7. Hype 2night feat. Ang 13 (Produced By: Vitamin D)
8. I Met Dez (Interlude) (Produced By: DJ Dez Andres)
9. Step Yo Game Up (Produced By: Scott Storch)
10. X-Clan feat. Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) - 'Funky For You' (Produced By: Quazadellic)
11. RIP Dusk (Interlude)
12. Zion I (Zion + Amp Live) & Grouch (of Living Legends) feat. Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) - 'Too Much'
13. Across the Map feat. J-Live (Produced By: Fyre Dept; Public Ear Music)
14. Hood Report (Produced By: Raw Power)
15. Focused Up feat. Shock Wave, Ang 13, Raw Power, Street Cred, Laid Law (Produced By: Bean One)
16. Fried 2na (Interlude) (Produced By: Chali 2na)
17. On The Low feat. Planet Asia (Produced By: The Riffs)
18. Wheels On The World feat. DJ Dez Andres, Elzhi (Produced By: DJ Dez Andres)
19. Gadget Go Go (Produced By: Rusko)
20. 4 The Luv feat. DJ Dez Andres, Fat Ray (Produced By: DJ Dez Andres)
21. Time Is Now
22. Save The People (Produced By: Babu)

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